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  • Oway Remedy Handbalm 50ml

Oway Remedy Handbalm 50ml

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Oway Remedy Handbalm

Oway is the first brand in the world of international cosmetics that has chosen to package products in glass and aluminium material. Oway has chosen this way of packaging because it is the least harmful to the environment and the products are 100% recyclable. Environmental friendliness is very important in these times, we all want our beautiful planet to last a long time! The Oway Remedy Handbalm is an Intensive recovery action for dry and cracked hands. It gives your hands the right nutrition and ensures silky soft hands!  

Instructions for use Oway Remedy Handbalm

Step 1: Apply to clean hands. Step 2: Massage well into hand until completely absorbed. Step 3: Let it soak in for a while. 

Result after using the Oway Remedy Handbalm

The Oway Remedy Handbalm is a hand cream that ensures smooth and soft hands.  




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